crystal + jo

Earlier this week, I did a photo shoot with my friends Crystal and Josephine (Jo being the one with the flower crown), and it was a particularly special day because 1) it was the last time I'm going to see them until December or January and 2) it was the last time I'm going to use my camera until winter break since I'm not bringing it to college with me.

The last time I did a photo shoot like this was last year in June and I have to say, I think this batch of photos is exponentially better. The location was actually the same, just not as far up the hill - this made all the difference. The backgrounds were prettier and more interesting (bokeh galore!) and it was easier for me to move around to get different angles.

Photo spam under the cut! Open the photos in a new tab for their full size.

Also just wanted to say thank you to Crystal for getting those shots of me! I actually am like deathly afraid of photos of my profile or taken below aiming upwards, but I actually really love how they came out :) Until next time!

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