Speak When Spoken To, Lollipop

Excuse my wrinkly hands...

Yay, finally did my nails in a way that I love so much that I can't stop looking at them! Been trying to get that satisfaction for awhile, but something has always gone wrong the past few times I've done my nails...


nothing like a good day of shopping

First of all, a quick announcement! If you haven't already noticed, I replaced links to outside sites in my recent posts with adf.ly links. If you're unfamiliar with adf.ly, it basically creates a 5-second detour that shows an ad before you can reach the site you were linked to. It's completely harmless; I just don't really recommend clicking on any ads. For every visit on any of my links, I get like a thousandth of a cent lol. Obviously since this blog is fairly new and doesn't have many followers, I don't expect to make bank, but every little thing counts! I'm just another poor teenage girl! So, while I'm not saying you should go around clicking every link in my posts, I'd really appreciate it if you'd all understand and have the patience to wait the extra 5 seconds to see anything you might find an interest in while being here (no sarcasm - I truly understand how off-putting those 5 seconds can be). All of the links I include in posts are a genuine effort to be more informative and helpful to my readers :) If you're interested in using ad.fly on your own website, please use my referral link!

Moving on... I bought more stuff today. Yes, you can see I have problems. Shopping in general makes me happy! I love running errands. I went a little crazy buying dessert stuff because most baked goods are soft and so easy to eat (my humongous sweet tooth doesn't help either). Other than that, I ran around returning a bunch of stuff, but I figured why return when you can exchange and get new stuff?! I am an idiot that has no idea how to save money. However, I am super duper happy with what I got! I also threw in two tops I got recently because they're so gorgeous.


ZARA lust

Zara may as well just kill me now.

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