So I definitely should not be blogging (or playing sims social or going through tumblr) right now because I still have a pile of calculus homework that I have no idea how to do and a physics test to study for and stuff to pack BUT today's my birthday so I deserve to be cut some slack! (that totally rhymed) ...Which will result in major stressing and a lack of sleep but anywhoooo here's my bday ootd!

Tbqh this birthday was pretty lackluster. I wasn't excited in the first place but needed a reason to wear some of the new clothes I bought... Not many people knew it was my birthday because I left the food and presents from my friends in my car. And since I literally wear sweatshirts and jeans every day, this was considered super dressed up and everyone would compliment/ask questions and I would just be like ha ha ha uhh. Plus I barely got to see my friends because there was an AP meeting during lunch :( but my two closest friends stopped by and made everything better! Too bad I'm still not in the mood to work.

Lame post is lame. Hope you all have a great week!
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