plus or minus a few things

Hi, lovelies! Hope everyone's enjoying their last few days of September!

As you can see, this blog has underwent a name/URL change! It's not called plus or minus (+/-). bowtiex was just a placeholder because I never really had a name that I liked, but I'm pretty happy with this one so far. Need to go and make a header to fill up the emptiness...

I did a bit of damage this weekend, so expect another haul post hopefully within the week! For now, here's a few sad pics I took with my phone one day.

You know Pinkberry's chocolate hazelnut flavor? It's SO GOOD. With rolled chocolate hazelnut wafers, coconut, almond roca, and dark chocolate crisp things. So good. Except, I can't afford Pinkberry with toppings, so I've been considering buying a take-home size and eating it with Ferrero Rondnoirs. Did you know that if they already have one that's been sitting in the freezer for a certain number of days, you can get it for $5?!?! That's how much a small with toppings costs.

So. Good. I've already almost finished one box by itself, but it would be so perfect as a topping...

I'm actually not the hugest fan of frozen yogurt - ice cream wins any day because I always go for the creamy, sweet flavors of froyo anyway. It is light and refreshing and tastes great with fruits, though! I got some white chocolate macadamia yogurt (yum!) with strawberries and pineapples and coconut and it was extremely satisfying. I forgot to take a picture :( so here's the cute penguin spoon.

My Coterie package was waiting for me when I got home! So glad I missed the BOGO Butter London sale at Ulta because these were such a better deal! Love love the colors and got 4 + a matte top coat for $11.xx - less than the regular cost of one BL polish!

Look at the gorgeous duochrome in Knackered! I have it on right now, and ok, to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of these purple/gray/green duochromes, but what really makes this polish so pretty is the teeny holographic glitters that are subtle but very apparent.

Coterie + my collar tips deliveries and a new Ulta catalog with a $5 off $10 coupon? Plus a sample of Daisy, which is one of the few of those designer perfumes I actually like. Pretty much as perfect as a school afternoon can get.


easy breezy

Yes, my skirt is off-center. Sue me.

Some of my favorite things to wear when it's hot outside but freezing inside the classroom are chiffon, light knits, and skirts. You know when your thighs get sticky on the plastic chairs on your desk? Disgusting. It's because they make shorts so freaking short nowadays. I recently bought a pair of comfy Hollister shorts that are supposed to be "midi" length... but I think they're the shortest pair I own lol. So there you go. Skirts are great when it's hot because they're probably longer than most shorts you own, but they're nice and breezy so you don't get hot. I also regret not collecting a few more chiffon shirts this summer, but I don't think I'll get much use out of them when it starts getting colder anyway.

It was on the chillier side this morning (today was only 91 degrees... compared to the 100+ expected later this week T_T) so I opted for my midi high-low skirt and this 3/4 sleeve knit top whose color I am in love with (it's a bit greener irl). I love this outfit because it's casual and feminine but totally comfortable.

Personally, I don't feel comfortable "trying too hard" with what I wear to school; I always choose something simple and practical. Whenever I'm not posting here (which is like 350/365 days of the year?), I literally just wear something along the lines of jeans and a t-shirt lol. I'm making a personal goal to make my outfits a little more special with accessories but still keep things simple.

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Arrow cuff: Forever 21
Claw bracelet: eBay
Sandals: Target


back from the dead

Sorry for not posting for the last month of summer! Senior year has started, and I've been having some personal issues. I think I'm okay for the most part, now. So here are a few outfits I wore last week!

Outfit 1 // 2 // 3
Top: Forever 21 // H&M, Goodwill (denim shirt) // Forever 21
Bottom: eBay // Forever 21 // Celebrity Pink (Macy's)
Shoes: Reflection // Target (black/gold t-strap sandals, not pictured) // Reflection
Bag: Jason Wu

The third outfit is what I wore to an interview for a tutoring job, which I got! I'm so happy but a little nervous. I still have to wait for clients to call the company, so I won't start for a few more weeks. But omg. An income!!
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