back from the dead

Sorry for not posting for the last month of summer! Senior year has started, and I've been having some personal issues. I think I'm okay for the most part, now. So here are a few outfits I wore last week!

Outfit 1 // 2 // 3
Top: Forever 21 // H&M, Goodwill (denim shirt) // Forever 21
Bottom: eBay // Forever 21 // Celebrity Pink (Macy's)
Shoes: Reflection // Target (black/gold t-strap sandals, not pictured) // Reflection
Bag: Jason Wu

The third outfit is what I wore to an interview for a tutoring job, which I got! I'm so happy but a little nervous. I still have to wait for clients to call the company, so I won't start for a few more weeks. But omg. An income!!

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