Speak When Spoken To, Lollipop

Excuse my wrinkly hands...

Yay, finally did my nails in a way that I love so much that I can't stop looking at them! Been trying to get that satisfaction for awhile, but something has always gone wrong the past few times I've done my nails...

Colors used:
  • Orly Lollipop (purpley pink creme)
  • Wet n Wild Speak When Spoken To (gorgeous blue/pink duochrome glitter)
  • silver striping polish
Pinterest has definitely helped my organize my inspirations! I'm seriously in love with that website. Follow me here! Here are the inspirations for my nails:

Pshiiit is one of my favorite nail bloggers. She's French! But I always love her nails and of course her great photos. She's done quite a few manicures with this alternating creme/glitter nail polish pattern that I think adds so much interest to just regularly painted nails - something I'm always on the hunt for because I seriously suck at nail art lol.

(click image for source) I was in awe at how perfectly Lollipop matched the seriously gorgeous pink and blue duochrome, but I figured why stop there! The silver tips were easy even for me, and I think they really complete the look. I'm in love with that yellow and silver, though! But I'm always scared of staining my nails with yellow nail polish.


  1. cute nails! xx


  2. the nails looks amazing! your blog is very good and interesting. maybe we can follow each other if you like :)) now i want to follow you <3


    1. Thank you! :) Your blog is very nice!

  3. Nice nail design.^^
    Would you like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  4. Hi! New follower here ;-)
    How is it going with jaw surgery and all? I remember my jaw surgery took quite some time and to wait for everything to settle!

    1. Hi! Awesome, someone else that can understand the pain I went through hahah. I'm actually pretty much back to normal :) I got my splint off after like 10 weeks and loaded up on calcium in the meantime so I'm sure my jaw had plenty of time to heal. Those 10 weeks seemed like an eternity, but of course when I look back on it, my summer went by in a flash. When did you get your surgery?

    2. I got mine last year end of August ;-) I didn't have any splint or anything, I just had elastics which were removable and eating was a breeze after the first two weeks. Looking back, I thought I had healed pretty fast, but you'd be amazed how long it takes for the face to settle. I do feel like I look different 6m post-op compared to my now 14m post-op :-) you got in done this summer?

    3. Ahh, so lucky. And wow! That's interesting. Wonder how much I'll change. It seems like most of the swelling is gone, but I can't say exactly. Yes, end of June!

  5. Love your nails ! they're awesome !

    I feel like doing nail arts again ! Amazing blog xx


  6. You did an amazing job. I really like the yellow ones too with the sparkles. I need to buy some yellow for my nails :)

    1. Why, thank you! :) Yess, I love the yellow too (it's not my photo btw). I'm so scared of painting my nails yellow because I'm scared of staining them haha.

  7. lovely photos! these nails look amazing

    check out my blog here if you like

    xoxo, eliza


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