ZARA lust

Zara may as well just kill me now.

Mainly because of these shoes. These freaking shoes. I need them.

I am this close to convincing my brother into letting me use his credit card to order those heels because they look so amazing on every blogger I've seen, and even though the only opportunities I'll have to wear them this year are for FBLA, I swear they'll be perfect in later years! Okay, it doesn't sound nearly as convincing as it does in my head, but I swear, even though I've seen and wanted a lot of heels in the past, these are just so perfect... And aren't those t-strap flats just doll? They're so feminine and cute and I want them :( As for the loafers, I've been on the hunt for a good pair all year, all of the affordable ones (as in, $30 or less) I've seen in person are just not up to par in quality and look wrong when I try them on. These look soo nice, and $50 isn't too bad... for someone that has a job (i.e. not me T_T). Black is always great, but the blush-colored ones look so pretty!

I'm currently infatuated with anything dip-dyed, and that studded sweater is no exception. Though for $60, it's definitely going to remain eye candy... the shoulder spikes aren't very practical for the weakling that I am anyway, since I always have to throw on a jacket of some sort in the fall (I blame crappy school a/c). The skirt, though, is a steal! Or at least somewhat within my reach... Ever since I saw this diy skirt, I've cursed my lack of knowledge for sewing because how hard can it be to make a simple maxi skirt?
(click for a link to the tutorial) Isn't it stunning? This white Zara skirt would be perfect for dip dyeing *_* It even has slits and everything.

Item Information:
Basic Sling Back - $49.90
T-bar Sandal - $49.90
Studded Slipper - $49.90
Sweatshirt with Spikes - $59.90
Long Skirt with Splits - $35.90

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