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Hooray! Now that I don't have to eat everything through a teeny tiny tube, I can go around taking pictures of food without feeling bad! Missed a lot of good photo ops today, now that I think about it, but heck, I realized that I've developed a lot of habits that'll take some effort to break over the past five weeks!

I don't think I've blogged about it on here yet, but this Thursday marks six weeks since I've gotten upper jaw surgery + genioplasty. To be honest, recovery has been a lot harder than I thought it would be - mentally, not physically. Sure, I've lost weight, but that's probably from muscle loss since my body fat percentage isn't too noticeably different. I loaded up on calories from daily ice cream shakes with peanut butter and oreos - none of that low fat stuff! Those things pretty much kept me alive... living off thin soups and fruit juice is not fun, but I don't think I'll ever get sick of ice cream, peanut butter, or chocolate :Q Besides the obvious horrendous lack in variety of meal choices, though, not being able to talk really affected me negatively. I was always frustrated and impatient at not being to express myself (writing things down is a lot of work, time-consuming, and doesn't have the same effect). But! I went back to the hospital today and got unwired, so I'm ecstatic. Seems like I'm going to have more issues physically, though - it's kind of weird and hard to understand me some of the time, and I have to be careful because it hurts if I open too wide right now. And it actually takes a lot of effort to talk! Just let me go back to being a hermit lol.

Enough with the wall of text! Time to move on to the fun stuff. Good morning, smoggy LA.

After my appointment, we stopped by Fish Dish in Burbank to pick up dinners for my parents. I pray I can eat some grilled fish without chewing because I seriously can't wait until I get my splint off. Everything just looks so good! At least my mommy was considerate enough to get me a slice of tiramisu lol Prices aren't bad at all either - the majority of their plates are under $10, and I got a pretty big slice for $3. Plus, I'm a sucker for places with pretty menus. Why can't I write that prettily? Yes, Fish Dish. Wait for me. I will properly try you out one day.

My first "real" dinner: tortilla soup and mashed potatoes. Yum. Didn't get pictures of the much more satisfying meat and bread that I unfortunately can't touch still. Stonefire Grill has quickly become a favorite of my family and relatives. The pricing on family style meals are unparalleled in quality and taste! My favorites are the garlic chicken and sesame glazed salmon... the flavors are mouthwatering :Q_ Ribs and breadsticks are also really really good.

My mom has been obsessed with this matcha blended drink from Bounce ever since my uncle introduced it to her, which I find kind of ridiculous because there are so many more "authentic" boba places close to the other house. I guess what she likes is how they can make any drink blended with ice so it turns out kind of like a slushy. Personally, I like boba drinks milky and liquidy with regular ice cubes.

Not saying that Bounce isn't authentic, though! Okay, well it probably isn't, but they do sell typical popcorn chicken that's supposedly pretty good (and paninis, but that's besides the point). I think their efforts to be a little different are well suited for the Valley, where you don't see a lot of places like this, and are quite successful. The drinks aren't bad, and their less standard add-ins are pretty cool (pink boba, mini boba, milk "jello", green tea "jello"). My cousin also mentioned that they have combos for paninis/popcorn chicken/drinks that I could totally get behind. And of course you can't not love their cute Super Mario decal-covered wall.

Shooting so many of these kinds of shots makes me wish I had a 35mm lens instead of the 50mm... constantly had to back up to get the shot I wanted :/


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