life through instagram

  1. The Amazing Spider-man in two words: Andrew Garfield. 'Nuff said.
  2. 4th of July @ my aunt's new house! Couldn't bare to look at any of the delicious food, so you get a picture of my aunt's cute Maltese, Peonie.
  3. Flowers delivered to my house from my orthodontist's office once they heard I'd gotten my jaw surgery! So sweet. My mom and I were disappointed that I didn't have a secret admirer.
  4. Sad attempt at galaxy nails.
  5. My first diy project complete! Studded high-waisted denim shorts - I love them!
  6. In the midst of studding. Thought the inside of my Levi's were so cool.
  7. Lamborghini on the road *_*
  8. Scrumptious fruit tarts from Porto's Bakery. I want one so bad.
  9. Two new Hello Kitty dolls to add to my collection! From my aunt and cousin as get-well-soon gifts.
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