shopping haul!

Someone needs to hide my wallet (not that there's much in there anymore anyway...) until I get a freaking job.

My excuse is that I got some really awesome deals.

Let's start off with the nail polish!

Left to right:
LA Girl Strawberry Delight - $1.49
LA Girl Razzy Raspberry - $1.49
NYC Mint Breeze - $1.49
Revlon Whimsical - $0.99
Wet n Wild Speak When Spoken To - $1.49
NYC Starry Silver Glitter - $0.59
Not pictured: NYC Matte Crazy and Big City Dazzle - these were the first two I picked up for $1.19 each, and I forgot about them, so they didn't make it to the photo :( here's a pic of them layered together over black. So pretty!

TOTAL: 8 nail polishes for $9.92 - $2.00 (Rite Aid Extra Bucks from the NYC polishes) = $7.92 + tax. What a steal! Here's how I got them for so cheap:
  • NYC cosmetics were 40% off at Rite Aid last week; $1 Extra Bucks if you bought two products (you could do this twice)
  • Revlon cosmetics were also 40% off, plus there's a $2 off nail polish coupon for this month on Rite Aid Video Values!
  • Everything else was on clearance!
I ended up going to the Rite Aid in the next city over for the first time because the one closest to me didn't have that NYC teal color, and it's gigantic! There were a bunch of beauty stuff on clearance, and I lucked out and found Speak When Spoken To. I was so sad when I couldn't find that collection anywhere; now I know where to check next time ;)

Next, makeup! I swear, Jen can sell me anything. Her $20 Makeup Challenge video made me want to get her eyeshadow, eyelashes, and lipstick. Then, Rite Aid decided to have another 40% off Wet n Wild sale, and I cursed myself because I wasn't ready to buy a bunch more makeup that I have convinced myself that I need... but probably will never get the chance to actually use.

e.l.f. Natural Lash Kit from Target ($1); Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Colors in Just Peachy, Smokin' Hot Pink, and Pinkerbell ($1.19 each); Idol Eyes Creme Shadow Pencil in Pixie ($1.19) ; Color Icon Eyeshadow Trios in Walking on Eggshells and I'm Getting Sunburned ($1.79 each)


Geometric Wire Earrings - $2.80, Cuff Earring - $5.95, everything else - $3.80

Starting with this H&M cuff, I was so surprised to find this at the mall the other day! There's some infamous picture of it on Tumblr somewhere, and my friend had been dying to find one ever since she saw it. I always thought it was a hopeless dream, but then I found it and got one for each of us! It's gorgeous, and there were a bunch of other versions I was tempted to pick up, but I know I'll probably only end up wearing this a few times.

I was dying for these F21 earrings for about a week, constantly checking my basket to make sure they were still there. On one of those blue moons where I stay away from the computer all day and don't check my email until the evening, I came across an email that announced my four favorite words: "FREE SHIPPING NO MINIMUM" from - you guessed it! - Forever 21. My heart literally went into overdrive when I saw that it ended at 9PM PST - I had like five minutes. Like the shopping addict I am, I scanned the new arrivals for anything else I wanted to grab (I swear, my internet speed was taunting me), and my eyes honed in on those arrow cuffs after spending way too many hours pinning similar beauties to my Pinterest. I'm in love with them, but even after squeezing them closed, they're still a bit too big for my wrists :(

Last but not least: shoes!

Mossimo Sneakers - $9.08, Mossimo Sandals - $14.99

Originally, I went to Target to get the eyelashes and these shoes because it's probably time to replace my "navy" Vans that I've had since 7th grade. But then I saw these adorable floral sneakers on clearance, and they came home with me instead :3 My mom said she doesn't see me wearing them more than once, but I think they'll be a nice way to brighten up my depressing fall/winter clothes, which are pretty much all solid colors, so it's not like they won't match.

The sandals are another something that I had to get because of my latest addiction to Pinterest. The black and gold combo on shoes is just soooo classy and gorgeous. I was never a fan of t-strap sandals, but they've definitely grown on me. I love how these sandals are practical and casual enough for me to wear anywhere, but they'll also go well with my more dressy outfits (much better than my wedges that I'm still not used to)!

So, what have we learned? 1) I need to get my ass a job. 2) I am a Pinterest addict. Follow me!


  1. I like the earrings from forever 21. looking chic.
    And the mossimo sandals are beautiful.


  2. Nice photos :)

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