things i've already picked up during my first two weeks of college

  1. new obsessions with clothing pieces, namely dresses (i thought people were supposed to bum it in college...)
  2. a lust for backpacks (so many cute ones everywhere :c the struggle to find the perfect compromise between style and functionality) 
  3. hairstyles (nothing special; before i did nothing to my hair 99% of the time and now it's more like 85% lol)
  4. sleeping schedule (though it's basically the same as my summer one... sleep at 1 [or later] and wake up at 9) 
  5. eating habits (at least i didn't partake in the eating of ice cream mochi at 1am last night) 
  6. the three finger swipe (so! nice!)
  7. a love for working in libraries (they're somehow completely different from the one back home)
  8. going to the gym (though that kind of stopped this past week...)
things i still need to work on 
  1. reading and taking thorough notes before going to class or doing homework :(
  2. finding the most efficient routes to class

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