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Is it just me, or are there no good new summer songs playing on the radio? The same things have been playing for months - JT, Maroon 5... and while I don't dislike those songs in particular, I've kind of been wanting to hear something new and fresh.

Let me start off by saying I am not a music junkie - some people take extreme pride in their taste in music, but I'm not one of them. Call me crazy, but I could live without music and be perfectly fine. It's probably due to my family's influence; they're pretty much the same or worse than I am, and I never really saw an opportunity to expand my music interest. I did, somehow, get into K-pop sometime when I was around fourteen years old. While I'm not nearly obsessed with the industry as I used to be, I still keep up with some of it through allkpop and tumblr.

I used to download the entire albums of groups I liked, only to realize in the future that I never listened to the majority of, if not all, of the songs. Definitely the main component of K-pop are the frequent performances put on by the singers while they promote their title song, and these performances, complete with fun and interesting choreography, can make the song much more entertaining.

In the past month or so, though, there have been a few songs I've really been loving! They're all kind of mellow and sweet, and these songs have been the only things I've been in the mood to listen to this summer. Once again, I'm definitely no expert on music and usually can't give reasons why I like a song other than "it sounds nice."

1) Coffee Shop - B.A.P

This song is super mellow, and their voices are just so smooth and easy on the ears. I love the music video too. Couldn't stop listening to this when it first came out.

2) Goodbye Summer feat. D.O from EXO - f(x)

Actually, this entire Pink Tape album by f(x) is quite good - I keep thinking I should download the whole thing. This song is definitely my favorite though. D.O's voice is smooth and sweet like chocolate and he sounds SO good singing these kinds of songs. He is my favorite voice in EXO, and this is generally my favorite type of song. Win win. So much win.

3) Growl (Korean ver.) - EXO

Alright, so, EXO is the main reason for still keeping up with K-pop. If they weren't constantly on my tumblr dashboard, I might have moved on from them because their first mini album or whatever was crap and so were the songs they promoted. Yet, I think everyone knew that patience would be rewarded. When the teaser first came out for this song, I wasn't loving it, but then the dance practice video got leaked and my WORLD TURNED AROUND. I fell in love with this song so hard and THAT CHOREOGRAPHY is amazing. I just adore the little old school hip hop feel and it's so fun and I'm so thankful EXO got a song like this.

4) XOXO (Korean ver.) - EXO

Before this repackaged album came out, I actually preferred the Chinese versions of most of EXO's songs, but I just think these two songs in particular sound amazing in Korean. I fell in love with this song the second I heard it and am obsessed with how catchy it is.

5) Light Sleep - J Rabbit

This song is actually part of the soundtrack from a Korean drama called Monstar that I enjoyed quite a bit but haven't gotten around to completing yet. I was a little stressed and discontent earlier this summer, and this song was just really soothing and sweet.

I normally would never write a post on music like this, so hopefully you enjoyed it! This is basically my soundtrack for this summer.

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