oops, i did it again

I need to stop buying clothes... here's a quick post on what I just ordered online from Cotton On!
I love Cotton On, but it's a hit or miss for me. A few years ago, it quickly became one of my favorite stores, but I haven't bought much from there recently because I haven't been impressed with their selection and quality of items. One thing that sucks about their return policy is that if you buy something online, you can't return it to the store - meaning, you have to pay to ship it back if you want a refund. That's a huge deterrent for me, so I usually never order online from them. Today is an exception, though, because I ordered things either cheap enough that I wouldn't regret it, or things I'd already seen in store.

  • It's hard to tell in the photo, but the top left item is a black waffle knit sweater. I actually already purchased it regular price from the store and am going to return it because I got it for 30% off online :) I try to look for sweaters with cotton in them because they tend to be a bit better quality than the all acrylic ones... let's just hope this one doesn't get snagged too badly like my sweaters always tend to do -_-
  • The only thing I'm worried about are the boots because the quality of Cotton On's shoes aren't too great. Hopefully I can work something out - I couldn't pass them up for the price! I've been dying for a pair of the Sam Edelman Petty's since last fall. 
  • The socks were an impulse buy (well, technically this entire order was), but I figured I couldn't go wrong with three pairs for $1.
  • As for the circle skirts, I really don't need them, but I love the silhouette and don't own any! I thought the striped one was toooo cute. Love how the lines go in different directions.

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