even the sun sets in paradise

Yes, I love Payphone lol.

HEY GUYS, IT'S SUMMER! You don't even know how relieved I am to finally have time to just do whatever I want (that includes blogging!). The past few days have been pretty eventful, and I can finally say I've been using my D7000 more than Instagram haha. Seriously. I'm scared of Instagram because of how convenient and addicting it is. My next post will be a photography one, but for now, I just wanted to share some of the stuff I've recently acquired!

Jewelry. I finally got my perfect silver chain collar necklace! *_* When I saw it on the F21 website I seriously freaked out. When I went to the store a few days later I was so excited that they had it! I don't usually buy a lot of jewelry, but there have been so many semi formal events lately that I really wanted some gold accessories to wear with my dresses. I'm kind of obsessed with the gold necklace on the right - it's the perfect length and this really pretty rose gold color! I'm still a bit too conservative to pull off statement necklaces, but the chains are big enough to "make a statement" haha. All of the jewelry except for the bracelet are from Forever 21.

Here's a closeup of the claw bracelet I ordered from eBay! I love love love it. It fits my small wrist nicely and also has a bit of a rose gold finish (definitely not as yellow as it is in the seller's photo).

Beauty. Yes, that's right, I finally got the American Apparel nail polish set I've been dying for. Ordered it when AA was offering free shipping on all orders during Memorial Day weekend, which I figured was the cheapest I was going to get it for. Also picked up the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains! I am so in love with them. The colors are so perfect for the summer - they're very bold but sheer enough that they're wearable? Not sure how that makes sense, but they work. Rendezvous is the perfect orange! I spent the longest time deciding whether to keep Sweetheart or Lovesick (even though they're so similar so it's pretty dumb) and decided to keep the former because I think it suits summer so well with it's simple bright pink color. Lovesick has a tiny bit of purple to it which is so gorgeous - it has a bit more of a pinup-y/mature feel to it. I'm not good with swatches, but I'm sure you can find tons on other blogs.

My aunt gave me this gorgeous fake Chanel bag because she knows I am in love with them... even if I never get to use them because I don't go to fancy evening parties. I already have another one that's more of the classic style with the turn lock, but I really love how smooth and modern this one looks. And here are what my first diy shorts look like so far! I'm being really cautious with the distressing... I'm scared that they'll look weird when I cut them shorter and won't be able to fold them up to fix them, but I really like the cut-off look so I think I'll just take the plunge later. I'm really excited with how they came out so far! Not as much as a failure as I thought. I just ordered some pyramid studs, so can't wait to get those~ I'm really tempted to do an ombre bleach, but I think I'll just play it safe with this pair.


  1. I love your shorts! :)


    1. Thanks! Unfortunately I haven't worn them much since I posted this haha they were too tight and uncomfortable T_T


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